Shortlist Launches Africa Climate Careers Network to Connect African Talent, Impact Organizations

2 min readOct 18, 2023

October 18th, 2023– Nairobi, Kenya: Shortlist, a talent advisory firm bridging the gap between African talent and startups, social ventures, and mission-driven organizations, today announced the launch of the Africa Climate Careers Network (ACCN), a resource to mobilize talent for the
green economy and help professionals launch climate careers. The ACCN is live today with over 1,000 job openings from over 100 companies across the continent.

Founded in 2016, Shortlist is focused on two core offerings: Shortlist Search, offering executive search for leading startups and impact organizations across Africa; and Shortlist Futures, focusing on jumpstarting early careers through and career prep programs in partnership with major employers, training providers, and donors across Africa. These programs focus in particular on African youth, women, and people with disabilities to provide apprenticeship and “career on-ramp” opportunities in partnership in high-growth sectors like climate, clean energy, and tech.

Shortlist’s mission is to solve the human capital challenge facing Africa’s most critical sectors. Going beyond just jobs, Shortlist strives to create careers for candidates– with upward mobility, training, and representation of minorities at the highest levels of management. Since its founding, Shortlist has placed over 6,000 candidates in fulfilling and impactful careers.

The ACCN is Shortlist’s latest innovation to strengthen and expand the pipeline of job-ready candidates for the climate and clean energy space. Starting today, applicants can create an account and view curated jobs for free, with valuable features such as training resources, mentorship programs, virtual networking, and more coming soon. Climate and clean energy organizations seeking talent will be able to work with Shortlist to pinpoint candidates with specific skills, locations, and experience for all of their hiring needs.

Cassandra Kiereini, Director at Shortlist Futures commented on the launch: “The ACCN is a big step forward in growing the talent pipeline for a critical African sector: climate. Shortlist Futures is committed to ensuring that African talent can find jobs that lead to meaningful careers and
access resources to help them prepare for these careers. We are proud to be launching this new platform.”

Paul Breloff, CEO of Shortlist, added, “Professionals across Africa are waking up to a ‘climate moment,’ knowing they want to direct their energy towards our climate crisis but not knowing where to begin. The ACCN is a hub where professionals can start careers with meaning and impact, and we look forward to partnering with the broader climate ecosystem to create
opportunities for Africa’s rich talent.”




Shortlist provides Executive Search services and workforce development programming to impact-focused companies in Africa and beyond.